41.5 In. 25lb. Snook in 1 Foot of Crystal Clear Tampa Florida Water


WE got into all sorts of fish this day including top slot redfish! Yummy!!!

I got the call and went out. I was going to do a buddy a favor. Man I was primed to get onto the fish. I knew that in the next few moments the fishing was going to go off the hook. First bait in the water was a top slot 27 inch fatty redfish. The next fish was this behemoth! Just enourmous! THis is what people pay for! I love it too! We got lucky a few times and the fish did not head into the engine. It did not head into the power poles or the swim platform either. Just a little luck and some real good skill and that fish was on the boat! Great job for sure! You just gotta love it! So after a bunch more redfish to the point where the client was like… another redfish.. and a bunch more snook we went east and got into schooling jack crevalle as many as you wanted in a foot of water! We were doubled up multiple times! just a great day fishing tampa bay!

Fishing Charter Client went doubles on these Jack Crevalle

Fishing Charter Client went doubles on these Jack Crevalle